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For New Testament followers of Jesus Biblical  teaching was woven into every part of life for all of life.

Peter Farrar

On this page you will find links to various Christian teaching series I have done. The teachings are in Microsoft Word format in “zip” files. Over time more series will be added to this page. Click on the link for the series title you are desire to save them to your computer.

Revelation Series: Different perspectives on the entire Book of Revelation

Hebrews 6 Discipleship Course: A basic new Christian’s discipleship course based on Hebrews 5:11 to 6:3 This is what the Apostle Paul saw as what every new Christians needed to be taught.

5 Fold Ministries: The Bible is clear that God calls, anoints, and empowers particular people into various ministry functions.

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Teaching may be the church’s sword, but it cuts only when wielded by the Spirit. Without Him, our best words are a dull and broken blade. Faithful teaching and preaching must be:

Context: All of Life

Character: All of Christ

Content: All of Scripture

Completion: All He Commanded