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"It's all about Jesus. Jesus is the healer, the Holy Spirit leads and empowers me as He does you, and all the Glory is God's alone."

Peter Farrar

About Peter Farrar:

Honestly I only write this section (my Christian "bio") so that you may know who would be speaking into your life. Because it is not about me – it is all about Jesus.

Some 30 years ago I had three years Anglican youth ministry training through Brisbane Colleges of Theology – the joint Anglican, Uniting Church, and Catholic ministry seminary.

I have worked as a youth and children's minister at St. Peters Anglican Church Maroochydore, and for a while was leading the youth and children's ministry at St. Georges Anglican Church Beenleigh.

During that time together with my wife Joanne we ran (as full-time house parents 24/7) South East Queensland's first long-term homeless youth residence as a discipleship house. Over 7 years we accommodated 13 youth.

Together with my wife Joanne we were the Beenleigh State High School chaplains under the Beenleigh Ministers Fraternal and we saw revival break out in the school with youth praying for youth on the oval at lunchtimes, youth baptising youth in the Holy Spirit, etc.

I was the original coordinator of the "Drug-Arm" Street Van ministry taking vans onto the streets of Brisbane, Logan City and Ipswich to reach "street kids". I also trained the first 200 volunteers in street youth work and trained the original 60 volunteers for what was Christian Outreach Centre (COC) Mansfield's street work ministry.

I became a commissioned Pastor with the Pentecostal Christian Life Centre Beenleigh. Later I became a commissioned Pastor with Meadowbrook Church – a Pentecostal A2A church. After that, for a year, I was the senior pastor at "Jesus Journeys" - a home church fellowship.

I have also done a fair amount of street healing-evangelism both here in Queensland and interstate.

God has worked through me in preaching and street evangelism to see over 200 people so far brought into the Kingdom of God.

I have preached, shared my testimony, and/or taught (seminars, etc), in almost all denominations except Catholic – and that's only because I have not received an invitation to do so – as yet.

So I know traditional theology, as well as Pentecostal theology, and I have a long history of personal experience.

Above all though, I have Jesus as my Saviour and Lord. 

I continue to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God (the Bible) as I have throughout my many years of Christian life.

And believe me when I say all this it is not to big-note myself in any way what-so-ever; rather it is to allow you to understand why you might let me speak into your lives.

And please understand that all I share has nothing to do with Peter Farrar. Jesus is the healer, the Holy Spirit leads and empowers me as He does you, and all the Glory is God's alone.

Peter Farrar can do nothing on His own. I can't, and don't, heal anyone. Only God can.

In fact I have often said in ministry situations: "I don't care if no-one remembers my name, so long as they remember they encountered Jesus".

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"Personally I don't care if people can't remember my name after I have ministered - so long as they remember that they encountered Jesus."